Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The 5th Week

The last week in a half has been one from a dream; I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant! I just can’t seem to say it enough. We have our first appointment Friday – We are beyond excited. While it’s too soon for an ultrasound, we will get our chart established and hopefully have many answers to our many questions.

Becoming pregnant has been one of the best things I’ve ever experienced, there isn’t one mood swing, hot flash or nightly nausea session I would give up. I have dreamed and prayed for this moment for what feels like a lifetime and feel beyond excited and so very terrified all at once. Of course, terrified of miscarrying, terrified of something going wrong but we are staying positive and are surrounded by nothing but support and love, with that we can go nowhere but up.

We went to the baby store the other day and got a pregnancy journal; it’s been so much fun updating it and entering all our information and desires into it. We created registries and have so much planned already, who needs 9 months?

 I will admit, while this process has become a dream come true – it’s one very overwhelming dream. I suppose we forgot how much others would find the desire to be so involved, while I understand their excitement; we are selfishly wanting to hold as much of this process to ourselves because it’s our first positive, our first time, and our first baby. I’m sure this is simply a part of the process and so I am embracing it to the best of my ability.

We have decided on names, colors for both genders, how we want the baby room and what we need to get done prior to July. Nikki has been amazing and she is beyond excited – I hope she continues to feel just as included as possible, it’s difficult in a gay marriage – my family is beyond ecstatic and trying to be involved and it’s so important to me to ensure her and her family feel just as included. We’ve found the adoption process for when baby is born and truly cannot wait to meet baby boy Julian or baby girl Mckenzie.

What a year it's been, so far.