Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gender Reveal

Boy or girl? a question we've pondered well before our positive pregnancy test. As time slowly creeps by, we anxiously await the day we can do the gender reveal. Will we throw a party or announce it individually? Will we tell everyone right away or wait and enjoy the results first? The doctors office insists on waiting until we're 20 weeks along, so we decided to hire an ultrasound tech. (Bun In The Oven Sonography) to come to our home during our sixteenth week instead. The tech. April set up her equipment in our living room, I laid on the couch while Nikki stood at my head. The ultrasound began and I felt my heart literally drop. 

April took a few minutes before telling us the results, but without a doubt it was clear as day; it's a girl.

The emotions of the gender reveal were beyond overwhelming, it made everything feel just a little more real. I looked at Nikki who wore a smile from ear to ear, we were having a girl. There are no words to explain the emotions this news brought us, after everything we'd been through - we made it and now we have a daughter to join us in this adventure of life. 

As soon as April left we rushed to the store to buy a little sign and some pink converse shoes – we wanted to tell the world! We took a photo and sent it to family and friends. We took our new pink baby converse shoes and visited my Grandparents, (They were thrilled) because the truth is - without them, we would never had been able to do this. 

The next step was the nursery; Nikki made this her personal project as she began wall designs, building toy boxes, shelves, tables and so much more. If I knew one thing for sure it's that our daughter will have the most beautiful room I ever had seen. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

We believe in faith; I think.

Faith has been important for both Nikki and myself during our journey, at one point it was all we had. After we found out the gender of our baby to be, we continued to prepare. We have had many doctor appointments and blood tests to ensure she and I are as healthy as can be. These past few weeks have been nothing short of perfection. My belly has gotten much bigger and feeling life inside has been life-alteringWhile we’ve prayed for this time in our lives, we certainly did not expect it to become so chaotic – not yet at least.

The doctor called a few weeks before our anatomy scan to go over blood work results. It was just another afternoon as we prepared for the work night ahead. When the doctor called, he began rambling on about this result and that result. Then he said something that stopped my heart instantly; Down syndrome. I can't recall much after hearing the probability statistics and next steps that needed to be taken. The phone call was short, but I felt like time had frozen and in that very moment I struggled with an overwhelming amount of fear.

When the call ended, I sat on the steps and got lost in my thoughts. What is down syndrome? How would this change our lives? Our childs life? There were so many questions, so many concerns and so much doubt that suddenly invaded our lives.

The following weeks would prove to test our fate in every way we never expected.