Monday, April 3, 2017

We believe in faith; I think.

      Throughout our journey to become pregnant, we learned a lot about faith. While we’ve prayed for this time in our lives, we certainly did not expect it to become to chaotic – not yet at least.

When the 16th week rolled around, Nikki and I rushed to find out the gender. Nikki thought the baby was a boy and at first; I did too! But, as time went on we quickly changed our minds and sure enough, it turns out to be a girl! As soon as we found out, we rushed to the store to buy a little sign and some pink converse shoes – we wanted to tell the world!
Our home quickly filled with projects and pink everything. Nikki found herself building wall sculptures, toy boxes, shelves, and anything/everything else we could think of. We couldn’t wait for our anatomy scan to see her measurements.

 Dr. Cortez called two weeks before her anatomy scan to go over my bloodwork results. I don’t recall most of the call, the only words I heard were “down syndrome” and “specialist”. I am ashamed to admit, I had no idea what Down syndrome really was – I had never had any reason to think about it nor did I know anyone who was diagnosed with it. Nikki brushed it off and said it’d be ok, we quickly reverted to assuming the test was a false positive and everything would be just fine.

There are truly no words that can express the shock when we heard it, the fear and the honest denial. We’ve prayed for this pregnancy, we did it all right, we had faith.