Friday, March 3, 2017

We believe in faith; I think.

Faith has been important for both Nikki and myself during our journey, at one point it was all we had. While we wait for the gender of our baby, we've continued to prepare. We have a lot of things to do, plans to make and of course appointments to keep up with. 

As crazy as things have been, these past few weeks have been nothing short of perfection. Our baby is growing and my stomach is showing! Feeling life inside of my stomach has been life-altering

While we’ve prayed for this time in our lives, we certainly did not expect it to turn this chaotic.

The doctor called to go over blood work I recently had done. It felt like another average afternoon as we prepared for the work night ahead. When the phone rang, I was a little taken back by Dr. Cortez on the other line, usually it's his assistant - he began rambling on about this result and that result. Then he said something that stopped my heart instantly; Down syndrome. I can't recall much after hearing the statistics and the steps that we'd now have to take. The phone call was short, but I felt like time had frozen and in that very moment I struggled with an overwhelming amount of fear.

When the call ended, I sat on the steps and got lost in my thoughts. What is down syndrome? How would this change our lives? Our child's life? There were so many questions, so many concerns and so much doubt that suddenly invaded our lives.

The following weeks would prove to test our faith in every way we never expected.

What a year it's been, so far.