Friday, November 11, 2016

From the other side;

When we embarked on our journey to start a family, I never considered how exactly I’d feel once it finally happened, if it ever did. During the three year process of trying to conceive, there were many hopeful weeks turned into many hopeless months. When we were fortunate enough to find Dr.Cortez and begin the process of fertility treatments and IUI; I found it extremely difficult to believe it was actually happening and could actually be a possibility. The hormones were overwhelming me and I truly felt that there was only so much more I could handle before throwing in the towel. Sometimes, in the mist of my happiness I sit and think about the entire process of becoming pregnant and how much we really have endured along the way. I feel so much for those who aren’t lucky enough to get their positive or for those who are just beginning their journey. It’s such a long, confusing, unfair road but if you’re ever fortunate enough; it’s the most rewarding journey.

Today, was our first appointment with the doctor since we got our positive pregnancy test and bloodwork; We got there a little early, still exhausted from the lack of sleep. As I sat in the waiting room, I recalled the first time we visited that office, I also recalled never truly believing I’d go there like so many other women, pregnant. When the lady finally called my name, we followed her back past the regular doctor rooms to a room I had learned about quickly with the fertility treatments; I was getting an ultrasound! I wanted to jump out of my skin with excitement at the possibility of seeing our little baby’s new home for the next nine months.

The ultrasound showed exactly that; our babies little sac, as healthy as it could be for 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The ultrasound was amazing for us both; I looked over as Nikki watched the screen and felt a warmness overwhelm my entire being; we were going to be parents, we had finally made it, we did it together. The ultrasound lady was so sweet and explained every bit of it to us both – the fertility drugs gave me multiple large cysts on my ovary but we were ensured it would not cause harm to the baby. We talked to Dr.Cortez briefly and scheduled an appointment for two weeks, when I’m 8 weeks pregnant to confirm growth and a heartbeat.

We walked out of the big brown double doors to the lobby, holding our babies ultrasound picture closely. I had never felt so proud, so successful, so fulfilled. On the way home, my insurance company called and told me they were dropping my doctor – however, would continue my coverage for 6 weeks post my due date; that was icing on the cake – I thought. As we pulled into our complex, we decided to check the mail as it’s the beginning of the month and bills are being sent. I opened the mail and found a onesie I had ordered several days ago and two refund checks from our insurance company! I felt as the day could literally not get any better!

Not bad for our first doctor’s appointment – I’d do the entire process over and over again if it meant we would end up with this amazing experience and baby on the way. I can’t lie, the nerves from my 8 week ultrasound are more severe than ever, but with a lot of praying and caring for myself – I’m keeping faith. That’s the thing, you have to keep faith – for anyone beginning this journey, there is no reassuring thing I can say, but I can offer advice to keep going, keep trying and keep giving all the faith you have.

What a year it's been, so far.