Monday, April 3, 2017

Entering the unknown

One week before our anatomy scan we were sent to Halifax Hospital to meet with a specialist to determine her measurements and other markers they search for when making a Down syndrome diagnosis.

The ultrasound was beautiful, she moves so much! She’s so active! Her nasal bone is perfect, her arms, legs, toes, fingers, weight, body is measuring perfect. Maybe this was all just a big false; then the doctor came in. While he reviewed all of her perfect measurement’s and results, he also announced the one image imperfection – her heart. Every word I heard from that point was complete haze.

Eventually our anatomy scan appointment came – but it wouldn’t be anything except more bloodwork. We continued to believe in false positives, we continued to believe everything would be just fine – I think we both were denying this could be a possibility, after all we did it all right and we had faith.

Four long, dreadful days went by and the phone rang with the results;

“The bloodwork determined there is a 99.9 percent chance your child will be born with Down syndrome.”