Thursday, October 13, 2016

One way, or another.

As the week comes to an end, I can’t help but feel a range of emotions. These past five days have not been as tough as the previous months, however, I could most certainly do without the constant hot flashes, acne and headaches. I’ve spent a great deal of my week listening to my body and mind, I have found a release in stress by staying as far away from google as possible; because searching for reasons last month’s IUI failed wont ensure this IUI will work and searching for ways to feel more confident with this IUI won’t ensure success, either.

Just as last month, Monday has two options; a really good day or a really bad day. At 10:30am, Nikki and I are going to the doctors for her mammogram; the lady ensured we would have results before leaving the office and while the doctors believe there is nothing serious, there is still a chance for bad news. At 12:30, I have an appointment in the office next door with Dr.Cortez to see if the hormones worked this month, so we will be accepting one bit of information as we endure the next bit of information. I know regardless of what Monday brings, we will get through it because that’s what we do in this journey of ours.

While I have enjoyed blogging, I am beginning to look into more in-depth writing and possibly creating a sort of memoir or even a book. I don’t know that I will stick to this hobby, but it has been a great distraction from the hormones, doctors and of course, waiting around. I intend on updating at least once, if not twice a week with Blogger, for the upcoming weekend and the dreadful Monday; I’ll leave that in fates hands.