Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Trigger Shot

Today as we drove to the doctors for my first trigger shot for our first iui, I couldn't help but think about all of the steps we have taken to get to this point. They say when things are meant to be, they happen without problems. While we have encountered a few minor problems since deciding to try IUI, they have all worked themselves out. So there I was, listening to "landslide" and reflecting. 
I remember the day we decided we wanted a family together, the excitement we had without any idea of the road ahead. We laughed so much that week, we felt so secure in our plans, but sometimes, you have to accept what is rather than what you thought should be. 

I remember sitting and going through profile after profile searching for the right donor. We wanted one that was smart, resembled us both, had positive results for other pregnancies, green or blue eyes, a healthy background, healthy family; the list went on. Some find it difficult to agree upon a donor whereas we were always very much on the same page. We picked our donor and since then, we haven't budged once on our choice. 

I guess today, reflecting on everything we've been through was based on finally being one step closer to the possibility of a family. While the effects of the trigger shot has my hip and head hurting, a knot in my stomach and nerves throughout my body, here's to keeping it calm for another 24 hours for the insemination and then the dreadful two week wait.